Most medium to large businesses in America use accounting services because they improve their profitability and their bottom line. Small businesses can now benefit as well. Using outsourced accounting saves most business time and the cost of hiring their own in-house employee. It also frees up their time to work the business.

We can help you when you are starting a new business. Starting a new business is stressful enough without trying to figure out the best legal structure and how to register it. Setting up the bookkeeping and tax basis is also important to get right from the beginning, and easier than trying to fix it later.

There are filing deadlines, different types of tax reports to be filed, taxes to be paid, and it all needs to be accurately and on time to avoid penalties. Hiring the accounting done by professionals who do it all the time is the smartest move by a business owner.

We provide the following:

Bookkeeping Services:

Keeping track of all expenses and income takes a lot of time, but it has to be accurate for the tax return to be right. It also includes analyzing the data for ways to improve the bottom line.

Accounting Services:

We provide regular financial statements, profit and loss statements, and many other types of reports so a business can plan.

Tax Planning and Financial Analysis:

Our accountants and CPA focus on helping business owners make a plan so they pay the required taxes, but not more than they should. When done correctly, an audit isn’t something to be feared and our CPA will represent you through it. We help minimize the tax burden.

There are so many types of taxes one has to be knowledgeable in that a business owner simply doesn’t have the time to keep up with the constant changes. Hiring accounting services is a wise choice, and crucial for many businesses. They know they are in capable hands and their tax issues will be dealt with competently.

Tax Filings

Every business has to file the mandatory federal taxes and reports, and with the state, for those states that have a state income tax. Financial records have to be kept for up to seven years and if they were ever audited during that time and don’t have the records on hand to back up the return, they will likely face hefty fines and penalties. Having good professionals who handle all the extensive work that goes with keeping and filing good records is critical for the growth of every business.